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Travis S from Georgia doing 25MPH with his Stealth 50HP on his 16ft Allweld

"Tournament tested. Boat ran amazing!"

Bob P. in New Jersey is powering his pontoon boat with the Stealth E18KW

Bob and friends enjoy effortless boating with his Stealth E18KW!

Otho C. in Florida  powers this large 45ft yacht with the Stealth E18KW

Otho gave this old girl a new lease on life as an easy going pleasure cruiser with his Stealth E18KW!

Sam B. from Canada is powering his new T2 Rhythm with the Stealth E18KW!

Sam is flying in style with his Stealth E18KW!

Tommy P. in Georgia is replacing his Cruise 4.0 with the Stealth E18KW

Tommy is the first to the honey hole with his Stealth E18KW!

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