It's All About The Chemistry!

We chose Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (LiNiMnCoO2), more commonly known as NMC, as our battery chemistry of choice. The short explanation as to why is that it is the best combination of power, weight, size and price. The long drawn out technical explanation can be found here:


Powering a boat on plane consumes a great amount of continuous power. A large battery with the ability to be lighter and put out high continuous power is the only choice. NMC battery chemistry not only meets that criteria, it is one of the most affordable lithium battery chemistries available today.



For the Stealth E36KW, we provide complete plug and play battery systems that include a battery pack and battery management system, (BMS), in an IP67 water resistant case, charger and display in two different pack sizes. The small pack is best suited for small lakes with a WOT run time of 34 minutes and weighs 198 pounds. The large pack is also available for larger lakes with a WOT run time of 62 minutes and weighs 396 pounds.

Complete specification sheets for both packs can be found here:

Specification Sheet for 34 Minute Pack

Specification Sheet for 62 Minute Pack

For a product sheet on the charger:

For a product sheet on the display:

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