As with Electric Cars, Electric Outboards will cost more as a result of the state of the art technology that goes into each motor itself and the upfront investment involved for Batteries, a system to manage them, (BMS), a Display and a Battery Charger. The cost savings are realized over time as Maintenance is nearly eliminated, the Electric Power Head has a much longer life span and trips to the pump end Forever!

So your still reading and are still with us...good! Congrats! You passed the first hurdle! Now you probably want to know how much the whole thing is. The Stealth E36KW, more powerful than the Elco EP-50 and the Torqeedo Cruise 10.0, and is only $8,799. A complete battery system, including battery pack, BMS, charger and display, starts at only 2,999.

Still reading, I see...great! Maybe this is for you! Now I bet you would like to know how fast your boat will go if you had one of these bad boys on it. I bet you also want to know how long you can run at WOT. Simply complete the form below. You will also have your choice of two battery pack sizes to choose from to best match your requirement.

Instructions for using this form

This form is designed to calculate top end speed on plane only. If you interested in using the Stealth E36KW for pushing a large, heavy boat with a displacement hull, or if you have questions beyond information provided here, please feel free to call us at 713-391-6550.

Here are the definitions for the terms used in the form:

"Hull Dry Weight" The weight of only the hull as it would have arrived from the factory. No motor, (the Stealth E36KW is automatically used), no people, no gear, no trolling motor, etc.

"Trolling Motor Weight" Total weight of the trolling motor(s), including accessories.

"Trolling Motor Battery Weight" Total weight of the batteries used to power the trolling motors.

"Passenger Weight" Total weight of all passengers that would typically be on the boat.

"Livewell Water Weight" If you have a livewell and typically use it, enter the total weight for the water it contains. (Water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon)

"Ground Tackle Weight" Total weight for Anchor(s), chains, ropes, etc.

"Fishing Tackle Weight" Total weight for your tackle.

"Misc Electronics and Gear Weight" Total weight for depth finder and other gear not previously mentioned.

"Pack Size" Here you will select how large of a pack you wish to use. The range of choice is from 34 to 62 minutes. This will most likely assist you in a final decision as to whether electric is right for you. If you like what you see and are ready to purchase, continue to our store, select your pack size and any accessories you may need and place your order!


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